Scientific conference

International Scientific Conference 

Every year, within the framework of the International Seminar on Macedonian Language, literature and Culture, an International Scientific Conference is organized, where foreign and Macedonian language scholars, Slavic studies and Balkan studies scholars, present their research achievements in various topics in the field of he language and literature. This year, the topics covered in the 50. International Scientific Conference are the following:
- General topic of 50. International Scientific Conference:
Macedonian language and Macedonian literature and culture compared to other languages, literatures and cultures;

- Linguistic section topics:
  • The Macedonian language versus other languages
  • 120 years „For Macedonian Affairs“;
  • 100 years since the birth of Aco Shopov;
- Literary section topics:
  • Macedonian literature and culture versus other literatures and cultures;  
  • Revivalist Krste Petkov Misirkov;
  • Aco Shopov as a paradigm in Macedonian literature

Coordinators of the Scientific conference which will take place on the 1 and 3 of September 2023 are:
    Linguistic section: Prof. Gordana Aleksova, PhD
    Literary section: Prof. Iskra Tasevska Hadji-Boshkova, PhD