Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research

Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research 

The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, at its 14th session held on 28.10.2021, adopted a Decision to establish the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje “Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research” (CAIR) .

Center CAIR presents a new instrument of UKIM with:
  • Aim to strengthen internationalization and international cooperation;
  • The mission is to connect scientists and researchers who work and create in the world, who are born in our country, to establish cooperation with UKIM, to network with our scientific staff and young researchers and through synergy to develop scientific interdisciplinary cores in different areas, which will contribute to improving the visibility of the University in the international scientific research ecosystem;
  • The vision of the Center is to be a hub for scientists born in our country, who want to network and establish cooperation with UKIM.

Permanent members of CAIR are scientists and professors at foreign universities, originate from our country, namely:

UKIM's strong determination to improve its visibility in the scientific space in Europe and the world is also reflected through this instrument, the CAIR Center. The idea is to connect the scientific forces of the academic community of UKIM and established and recognized scientists working in renowned universities, all over the world. Building its portfolio as the oldest and best University, UKIM in this way strives to develop a new instrument with a synergistic effect, in the direction of improving the visibility at the World University Rankings.

E-mail of the Center: ceniis@ukim.edu.mk

Promotion of CAIR 

On the World Science Day, 10 November 2021, at UKIM, hybrid, with physical presence and through the Zoom video conference platform, a Panel was held on the topic: UKIM in an international framework, at which the newly established Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research (CAIR) was promoted.

The panel was led by the Vice-rector for science Valentina Gechevska, PhD, with participation of the Rector Nikola Jankulovski, PhD, and the speakers, the permanent members of the Center and the Vice-rector for international cooperation Ordan Chukaliev, PhD.

The speakers debated about their motivation to join the Center and to contribute with their own initiatives and activities to develop different forms of interdisciplinary collaborations with the academic community of UKIM, which will result in visibility improvement. Furthermore, the debate gave answers on conditions for membership and the ways to motivate researchers from around the world, originating from our country, to join the initiative of the CAIR Center and cooperate with UKIM.

185 attendees participated in the panel (16 with physical presence and 169 on the ZOOM platform), members of the UKIM academic community and a large number of members of the international research community from several countries in the world and from several continents.