Second cycle study

for enrolling students in the second cycle of studies in the study programs of the University "St. Cyril and Methodius ”in Skopje in the academic year 2022/2023


Deadlines for application and registration:

First termSecond term
Application of candidates19 to 27.9.20227. to 17.2.2023
Enrollment of candidates3 and 4.10.202221. to 23.2.2023

Application and registration documents:

Before applying within the deadlines set by the Competition, each interested candidate should register at www.upisi.ukim.mk and fill in the electronic application from the iKnow system.

The number that the candidate automatically received from the electronic application system should also be entered in the application form submitted when applying for enrollment.

The application of the candidates is done electronically, by sending an e-mail (e-mail) to one of the electronic addresses that the faculties will announce for the application of the candidates.

In the subject of the e-mail, the candidates state the number that was automatically generated by the electronic registration system.

In addition to the application, the following scanned documents should be attached (in Attach File):

  1. application form for enrollment;
  2. electronic application (from www.upisi.ukim.mk);
  3. original document for completion of the first cycle of studies (diploma or certificate);
  4. short biography (CV);
  5. certificate for active knowledge of a foreign language;
  6. Receipt for paid administrative fee in the amount of 50.00 denars (Form PP 50: Name of the recipient: Treasury account-Skopje; Bank of the recipient: NBRNM; Transaction account 100-0000000-630-95; Payment account 840-XXX-03161; Account 722313 00);
  7. recommendations from teachers or scientists (if any);
  8. list of professional or scientific papers and a copy of them (if the candidates have);
  9. documents for possible awards, recognitions and other documents.

Applicants will receive an automatic confirmation that the e-mail has been received and that the application has been duly submitted.

The units will publish on their bulletin boards the deadlines within which the candidates will have to submit the original documents for application and registration.

When enrolling, the accepted candidates submit:

  • index and application forms
  • two photos (3.5x4.5)