The teaching activity and the creation of quality academic staff are considered top priorities for the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. All study programs in all the three cycles of studies (536) are adapted to the Bologna process, harmonized with the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of North Macedonia. They are continuously accredited and re-accredited by the Board for Accreditation and Evaluation.

The modernization and introduction of new first, second and third cycle study programs is a continuous process. The aim is improvement of the teaching and scientific process, to follow the needs of the economy and the modern education trends globally, as well as the interest of students. The increase in the mobility and attraction of foreign students is incentivized through accreditation of first and second cycle study programs in English language.

UKIM is the only university in Republic of North Macedonia that unites under its umbrella all scientific fields: natural and mathematical sciences, technical, technological and medical and health sciences, biotechnology, social and humanist sciences and arts. In its complexity and comprehensiveness, the University aims towards consolidation and establishment of appropriate balance between the quality of the teaching process and learning, the scientific and research activity and the relations with the society.

With the implementation of the Bologna process, the University is focused on development and efficiency of the teaching and learning process, continuous improvement and modernization of the study programs, in accordance with the national and international standards. The UKIM units are guided by the principle imposed by Bologna: the student is in the center of the education, combining teaching, learning and continuous assessment in the frames of the specifics and competencies. The teaching modernization process has started with the introduction of IT technologies, e-learning and new electronic tools for knowledge transfer.

The scientific and research activities of the University are based on the principles established in the National Program for scientific and research activities of Republic of North Macedonia. Considering the diversity of the scientific areas, UKIM has no (and cannot have) a single program for scientific and research activities, and these activities are encouraged and initiated by the units themselves. The University supports research activities ranging from the development of the field of education, as well as the initiative of the academic staff and researchers.

In order to advance the scientific, research and, above all, applicative activity of the University units, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia donated funds for equipping of laboratories which makes the link between the economy and the private sector more direct, and the benefits are enjoyed by all – the institution, the scholars and the economy. It would be really useful if this could continue, with anticipation of funds for covering the material costs of the laboratories and for the necessary service.

As one of the most important stakeholder in the overall social and economic processes in the country, UKIM aims to achieve a status of equal partner with the business community by participating in initiatives and networks aiming to improve the overall economic and social environment in the country. The sharing of experiences with institutions and companies in the industry, visits to these companies as well as the invitations for active involvement of prominent experts in the educational and scientific activities of UKIM is another strategic determination of UKIM with regards to the development of the institutional cooperation and interaction with the scientific, economic and social environment, both on regional and international level. The University is also actively involved in the shaping of common space for cooperation between the small and medium sized enterprises in order to create business partnerships and technology transfers, as well as joint scientific researches.

In relation to its international partners, UKIM has established cooperation and joint educational programs, double and joint degrees, including research projects in the European programs and bilateral partners, exchange, mobility, organization of scientific and other academic events.

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The registries of the study programs of the three cycles of studies have been updated each academic year and are available at the University’s web-site, in Macedonian and in English.